Meet the medicinal healing plants of the island of Krk!

The island of Krk is unique in Croatia by the number and types of wild plants. Around 1400 species of land plants are present on the island, and the island itself has a millennial tradition of agriculture - the cultivation of vines, figs and world-famous olives of the island. Apart from the clean sea that surrounds it, one of the largest natural resources of the island of Krk is its preserved nature rich in aromatic herbs.

Outdoor aromatherapy

If you go to one of the many hiking trails on the island of Krk, you will find many healing plants that grow alongside the trails and cover the great surface of the island. Even if you're not a plant-recognition expert, it's impossible to avoid their aromatic scent. Sage, rosemary, wormwood, yarrow, laurel, brnistra - are just some of the fragrant plants that can be found practically every step of the way. If you have already visited the island of Krk, it is very likely that your holiday house had its own fig tree in the yard with the sweet scents all summer.

Medicinal herbs of the island of Krk

When we speak of the medicinal plants of the island of Krk, we must mention the olives and the local olive oil. According to the research in the ARISTOIL project, the olive oil of the island of Krk has been proven to be medicinal, with as much as a double or even quadruple phenol content compared to other medicinal olive oils.

The special form of medicinal oil that can be found on the island is hypericum oil produced by a combination of island's hypericum and olive oil, and is used for a number of skin problems.

The wild asparagus of the island, that are now at the peak of their season is a favorite dish. Locals consider the asparagus to be excellent for "cleaning the organism," and it's due to the proven diuretic properties of this type of asparagus. The plant pigment lutein that the asparagus are rich on, has a beneficial effect on the cardiopulmonary system. Thanks to folic acid, the asparagus is very healthy for pregnant women and the development of foetuses.

How to bring the healing of the island of Krk back home with you?

The herbal products are one of the best souvenirs you can take with you after your vacation on the island of Krk. In addition to the above-mentioned olive oil and its hypericum oil, the locals produce a range of products for their own use but also for sale.

Certainly, the most famous one is the local rakija. Traditionally, "travarica", a rakija, strong alcohol drink that includes rich flavors of aromatic plants or "grass" of the island, is an indispensable part of every household. The Krčka medica makes it up to a higher level, combining the rakija and honey obtained from the mentioned plants.

One particular drink is definitely a fig rakija. As we said, each courtyard contains a fig tree that this rakija is made of and that contains no other fruit, with a special aroma of figs. Bring the flavour of the island of Krk with you!

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