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TA Krk Adria is a tourist agency based on the island of Krk with all its marketing activities united under the brand VISIT KRK.
We are specialized in high quality villas and holiday homes located on the island of Krk.
Our own business solutions and promotion, a wide network of business partners - all relevant foreign agencies and operators and a focus solely on the island of Krk, allow us enviable business results. 
Direct contracts with all partners, alongside with special conditions of cooperation, guarantee the highest possible net prices for our renters with the most flexible terms of cooperation.


Knowledge, expertise, marketing

Promotion of high quality holiday houses and villas which has taken a great deal of effort, time and resources, is certainly advisable to be left to the experts. As much as the business of promoting and renting accommodation may seem simple and romantic at first glance, it is not just that. Especially not in the last ten years.  
Rental has turned into a serious business, with constant changes and innovations in the market, very high competition and a growing number of new rental properties. Only years of experience, continuous professional development and huge promotion investment can guarantee you a high quality of occupancy. Don't let the stories from the streets and tips from your neighbour who is "full all year-round," ruin your hard-labour investment.

Time spent

If you consider renting your property as a more serious source of income and if you count on a return of your investment, the time you will spend on promoting and renting business of your property will typically exceed the average full time working day. All this with 24/7 availability and the need for quick or immediate reactions and responses in many situations.
Travel agency staff are available to guests and partners 24/7 and will resolve any requests and problems quickly and efficiently. During this time, you can dedicate yourself to many of your numerous obligations.

Misconception about own websites

Often, renters invest heavily and put their hopes in their own websites, and thereby fall for the promise of the first places on the search engines, numerous direct bookings, and websites made in a day or two. 
All these sites are only a grain of sand on a sandy beach.
Without major investments, a team of experts behind one project and systematic work on a daily basis, there are no results. Everyone claiming otherwise is simply deceiving you and looking solely for quick and easy profits.

Large number of external partners and channel manager

With its own solutions and promotion, large foreign agencies and portals have become an inevitable part of this business. Although it is not rewarding to rely exclusively on them, they are certainly necessary as partners for joint action in the market and increasing business results.
A large number of partners, portals and agencies require a lot of time and work, with constant correspondence, current updates and frequent changes in terms and conditions of business. Without a well-trained team and superior software solutions, it is impossible to follow this kind of business.

Commission fee

Working alone or with the agency, it is impossible to avoid paying commissions to successfully reserved dates. From a renter's financial point of view, it is much more cost effective to give this commission to one single agency that then processes and settles all other channels, than to pay a much larger amount of money to foreign agents with additional fees and taxes.
In addition to having a unique commission with no additional or hidden costs and taxes, this commission includes complete business and support, while most web portals charge huge commission which is directed only to the action of potential finding of guests.

Quality occupancy

The rental property has been completed and prices, dates and restrictions should be set so that occupancy is maximized with the highest possible prices that can be achieved in the market. This is a problem that even the most experienced renters are reluctant to deal with.
To properly set the above values it takes a lot of knowledge, experience and calculating. In addition, one should constantly be prepared to react if the market indicates the need to change any parameter.
Only a small mistake in setting the calendar and pricing may result in a fiasco. This is a responsibility that is not easy to take.

Personal contact, doing business with confidence and long-term goals

Owners who themselves are trying to do the agency's part of the job often complain about the lack of business communication to other parties and are regularly faced with bad cooperation agreements that aim solely for quick and easy profit. All the sweet-talk usually disappears after the contract is signed, and cooperation turns into one-sided exploitation.
When dealing with a quality agency, contact persons are always available, cooperation is to the mutual satisfaction, and the agency business goals must be long-term. Making a profit to the owner should be a priority.

Good guests prefer (good) agencies

The vast majority of guests looking for quality holiday homes will leave their reservation exclusively to the agency. Guests love security, they like to know who does their payment process, will they be greeted by the property owner of the accommodation they have booked and that fits the photos they were shown, together with all descriptions and information. Guests like to know that they have a team at their disposal that they can contact at any time and who will help them professionally at any time and with any problem. Also, guests are aware that the price of accommodation through a local agency will be the lowest possible.
Unfortunately, guests looking for workarounds, insisting on lower prices on direct inquiries, who are extorting and recklessly bargaining, are often guests who then make troubles to the renters (avoiding payments, not showing up, writing bad reviews and comments,…).

Security, payment, card companies, banks, cancellations, booking changes…

Much of the worries and problems of renters are due to billing and all related work.
Down payments should be enabled for guests to carry out by credit cards and popular online services, and ofcourse with bank payments and other conservative methods. In doing so, the costs of collecting the down payments are very often neglected initially and they take a serious percentage of earnings. Agencies bear all these costs themselves.
Problems with cancellations and booking changes, refunds, remaining balance payments, billing or or authorization of security deposits, etc. are things that keep renters awake during night.
Agencies do all these activities in a casual, fast, simple and professional way using all the solutions that guests need.

Paperwork, legal and tax obligations, bills

Every business carries its share of paperwork and the burden of bureaucracy. Even renting is not immune to it.
To keep your business pure and worry-free, the recommendation is to let the agency keep the necessary bills and books, keep track of legal obligations, and calculate all billing and payments. Especially if you do business through a company. Among other things, these include: bills, down payment bills, offers, reservation confirmations, insurance, croatian and foreign currency transactions, price lists, contracts, registrations, guest books, account books, membership calculation, reports and many others that are even impossible to list.


Here is a short list of features that make us stand out from the competition and that make us the ideal business partner to rent your property:
  • many years of experience, references and achieved results when renting high quality accommodation, houses and holiday villas
  • focus on the island of Krk and world market recognition
  • local agency with ongoing permanent technical and advisory support
  • continuous investment in promotion and own sales channels and development of our own brand VISIT KRK in cooperation with marketing experts
  • extremely wide network of business partners - all major portals and agencies worldwide
  • direct contracts with all foreign partners on specific business terms guarantee the best prices and conditions for our renters
  • a unique 15% commission, with no hidden costs and additional fees, with all taxes included
  • continuous technical and advisory support and personal presence on the island
  • easy and fast service for your guests, from booking to arrival
  • all additional costs covered (professional photographers, marketing campaigns, paid ads)


We are proud to point out that approximately two-thirds of bookings come through our own channels (our website visitkrk.com and promotional activities). At a time when global tour operators and portals are competing in taking over leadership, we consider it more than a good result and that we are doing a successful business with our brand and positioning in the market. Behind all this is a lot of work and investment, marketing professional team that does the lion's share of work and continuous improvement of the monitoring of new markets and trends.
We must not forget to mention the constant activity on all social networks and media which are slowly being promoted to a key factor when choosing a tourist destination.


In addition to the above successful promotional activities of its own, TA Krk Adria promotes its accommodation properties with all significant portals and agencies of the world that have proven results in this market. Be it tour operators, portals, agencies or advertisement portals, we have direct contracts with everyone, which gives us the best occupancy, prices and conditions for our renters. To put it simply, we do not advertise anywhere through an intermediary, but only through direct contracts on specific terms.
As we believe that ready-made software solutions are preventing market growth and developing its specific benefits, we develop our channel management software in line with our own operations and needs. This enables us to have very high efficiency (correspondence, booking progress, offers, confirmations) and eliminate the possibility of any error (calendars, double bookings, prices, calculations, ...). In addition, any update, description, or any intervention is currently visible to all partners.

and many more...


Most of our business partners are renters and companies that have high quality villas and holiday homes on the island of Krk. With the proposed terms of promotion and sale, all rental properties achieve excellent results, and the number of our clients is growing more than linear every year. We are particularly proud of the long-lasting cooperation we achieve and the satisfaction of our customers, which is, after all, the primary goal.
In order to avoid the infinitive listing of clients, you can see the objects from our offers in the section of Holiday homes. If you recognize any, check with the owners yourself if they are happy with our cooperation.


We are trying to be as flexible and as open as possible when working with renters. This means that we do not look for unbreakable contracts, do not increase the agreed commission, do not report non-existent reservations and block appointments, do not seek exclusive cooperation or anything out of normal business practice.
Our goal is to make cooperation simple, open and transparent.
The basic conditions we do not deviate from are high quality and categorized accommodation, compliance to the agreed selling prices and timely reporting of own possible reservations.
For further and additional information, example of contract and clarifications, please contact us.


Our address is:
Krk Adria d.o.o.
Linardići 28/4, Linardići
51500 Krk
For all information we are available on phone numbers +385 51 604 021 or +385 91 797 3567 and via email info@krkadria.com.
Contact us without hesitation for any information you need!


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