The secrets of the island Krk - 5 of the most hidden beaches!

Are you looking for a beach just for yourself? If you want to go to the beach where there is no such content as coffee bars or showers, the island of Krk offers you hidden beaches where there is even a chance of being all alone. We don't want to reveal all our secrets, so here we bring our list of five of the best hidden beaches of the island!

1. The Golden beach

This beautiful beach at the foot of the high cliffs is situated in the south of the island, between Punat and Stara Baška. It is completely inaccessible from the coast - it is only possible to visit by the boat or a vessel as a part of the day trips or in an agreement with taxi boat transport.

2. The Peninsula of Prniba

Between the city of Krk and Punat, there is a peninsula Prniba. Most of the peninsula is covered with traditional agricultural land, and the coast is covered in woods.

If you take a ride or a walk down the white road where you can find a few sheep casually walking by, you will reach a number of small private beaches with a lot of shade which offer a view on the city of Punat and the islet Košljun, especially from the old harbour Sv. Mikul.

3. Vela Luka

Even though it is possible to access this beach by walking, the advice is to avoid it if you're not wearing a hiker's uniform because it's a multi-hour walk through the rubble. It's possible to get a shorter taxi boat ride there from Baška, and unlike the rest of the beaches on this list, here you can find some facilities, such as a restaurant.

4. Bay Voz

In the very north of the island in the immediate vicinity of the Krk bridge, there is a Voz bay. This small port has been used for hundreds of years and in the bay we can see the ruins of a port building as well as an abandoned boat dock.

Although easily accessible (you can drive yourself all the way to the sea), it is not very popular because of its distance (the nearest inhabited place is Omišalj), as well as beacause of the nearby quarry. In the bay there are a few smaller hidden beaches with a great view of the bridge.

5. Oprna

This pebble-sandy beach is located near Stara Baška, which is accessible by the boat or by the narrow coastal road. Facing towards the open sea, this is a top-notch beach to relax and enjoy the nature.

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