The spring has made its way to Krk! What to expect?

Just a few days ago the spring officially began and on the island of Krk it brings new colors, scents and sunny days ideal for excursions. Learn more about spring gastronomy, activities and the beauties of the island of Krk in the springtime!

Spring is the wild asparagus season!

Wild asparagus is a wild plant that is harvested on the island from March to June, meaning that only those who visit the island of Krk in the spring have the opportunity to taste this delicacy! The wild asparagus is a well-known part of Croatian coastal gastronomy, and the local population considers them great for "body cleansing".

Spring is ideal for cycling and walking!

With the arrival of spring, the island of Krk takes on its distinctive green color, and the scent of flowers slowly comes through the salty smell of the sea. The only way to witness this is to explore the island by going on one of the hiking or biking trails.

You can check out some of our earlier articles on hiking and biking trails. For the springtime we would especially recommend the educational trail in Baška and the circular trek trail Malinska.

Unlike the hot summer months where we look for shade, spring on Krk is the ideal temperature for all-day walks or cycling.

Be the first in the sea!

Although swimming in early spring is an activity for the bravest, rarely any of the locals will wait until June to swim for the first time in a year. Depending on the weather, sea temperatures can be very pleasant starting by early May!

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