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Vrbnik is a place on the island located on the east coast of the island. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island, and currently there live about 947 inhabitants.

The old town is perched on a cliff 48 meters high overlooking Novi Vinodolski.

The town is first mentioned in 1100 in Dragoslav deed, and in these areas were found usable items from the period of Romans and it tells us about the long history of the town.

The most important economic sector is agriculture, and inhabitants are mainly engaged in growing grapes. Specifically, west side of Vrbnik is surrounded by vineyards where famous wine is cultivated on about 15 hectares of Vrbnik field, known as Vrbnicka Zlahtina.
Tourism in Vrbnik

Vrbnik is a very attractive place for vacation, even during the summer months when everything is crowded. In Vrbnik is one hotel situated above the beach, and hosts have available private accommodation, apartments and rooms in private houses. Beautifully maintained pebble and concrete beaches, bars and cafes are part of the offer to the guests who stay there.

Vrbnik has an excellent cuisine. In the old part of town are well-known restaurants offering specialities of Krk and the unavoidable wine - Vrbnicka Zlahtina.

Despite all the contents for guests to stay in Vrbnik, it is still mostly developed sightseeing tourism. Tourists from various parts of the Kvarner come to visit this picturesque coastal town with a rich cultural heritage. However, the perfect place for peaceful summer holidays.

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