Vrh is a village in the hinterland of the city of Krk to which it belongs administratively. Due to the development of the city of Krk and its proximity to Vrh, today it is considered to be its suburb. Today, the village has 846 inhabitants and is 4.5km away from the center of Krk.
Tourism in Vrh
In the past, the people from Vrh have been involved in sheep breeding, olive growing and farming. Due to the proximity of the town of Krk, Pinezić and the beaches of Jert and Sv. Juraj, tourism began to develop in the town. As an intersection of important roads in this part of the island, Vrh is an unavoidable destination for cycling tourism. In Vrh, you can find a place to stay in a private accommodation in family houses, holiday homes, as well as private villas with swimming pools

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