What are the benefits of vacationing in a holiday home on the island of Krk?

Every form of accommodation has its own advantages - adventure tourism in a campsite or a carefree stay in a hotel. Staying in a holiday home carries a number of advantages that our multi-annual visitors have already met. From privacy to autonomy, get to know all of them!

Privacy in holiday homes

Probably the biggest advantage of a vacation in a holiday home is the highest possible level of privacy. Common facilities and activities are kept to a minimum and so are swimming pools, courtyards and terraces for your own use only.

It is up to you to decide what and when will you do and how will you spend your vacation! Even though it is, on the island of Krk, with a little effort, possible to find a private beach you don 't have to share with anyone, a holiday house with a pool guarantees you will have complete privacy throughout your time on the island.


A long-term holiday destination

The average vacation period on the island of Krk is about a week. Most visitors come at Krk purposely and intend to stay on the island, unlike the transit destinations for a one day visit. This makes the island of Krk a final destination for a long stay, which means that through the year, only a few groups of guests will be changed in every holiday home. Between every new arrival of a group of guests there is plenty of time for professional cleaning services to do their jobs, which ensures very high security standards.


Like we said before, all the decisions about how you're going to spend your vacation are up to you. For example, what you're going to have for breakfast and are you going to have it at all, which is different from staying in a hotel. It is up to you to prepare your own food and organize your time as you respond.

A safe destination

Krk, as well as Croatia in general, is considered to be one of the safest destinations in Europe. Speaking in this context, until now, this has been said due to a low level of crimes, but from now on also due to an excellent response and organisation on health-insurance issues.

At the peak of the crisis earlier this year, it is exactly the island of Krk that has proved to be a front-runner in ensuring the safety of its residents and guests. The ability to travel to the island on a self-employed basis with a car, with the avoidance of a group travelling, makes vacationing on the island of Krk safer and more relaxed.

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