Where can we see dolphins on the island Krk?

Dolphins that you can come by while visiting island Krk are definitely one of the biggest attractions of Adriatic Sea. Encountering with the dolphins is one of the most beautiful memories that you can bring home from your vacation on the island Krk!

We are bringing you information on where you have the biggest chance of seeing the dolphins, as well as how you should act in case you meet them!

What if I see dolphins?

Dolphins, especially the kind that lives in the sea around Krk, are very curious and will come close to the boats that they notice. Remember that these are wild animals, so don't try touching them or jumpinging in the sea!

It is considered, that the entire Adria is home to over 200 dolphins, so speaking in a broader sense, it is relatively rare animal. However, dolphins love clean and unpolluted sea, which they can find in the sea surface of Krk.

Where can the dolphins often be seen?

The center of the dolphin population is the neighboring island of Cres/Lošinj, so dolphins can be found in the passage Vela vrata (between Cres and Istria) and the Middle Gate (between Krk and Cres). This means that you have the best chance of encountering the dolphins when traveling by boat from the west side of Krk.

Meaning, when traveling by boat from Malinska, the town of Krk, Punat or Baška towards some of the islets - Plavnik, Kormati, Prvić or the beach in Stara Baška.

Can the dolphins be seen from the coast?

It is not likely that you can see the dolphins from the coast. They prefer deep sea and on the coast, you can probably see their outlines. If during your holiday on the island Krk you don't choose to go on one of the many one-day excursions by boat, it is possible that you will encounter dolphins when driving with a Ferry from Valbiska on Krk to islands Cres or Rab.

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