Why is a holiday in a villa the best choice for groups?

Private holiday villas offer a level of luxury, privacy and other amenities that other forms of accommodation simply cannot. Many choose to treat themselves, their families or friends with a holiday in a villa. Here we bring you some of the main reasons why to choose to spend your summer in a summer villa with a pool.

1. Perfect for groups

A vacation in a villa is a perfect choice for groups, family or friends. For groups, it is in every way better than the hotel accommodation. The common areas are certainly just yours, and the group will never have to be separated from each other because of the rooms in different parts of the hotel.

By booking a villa, the entire group is located under the same roof and can share the common amenities that the villa offers, from dining rooms to the sport facilities and swimming pool. In many cases, this type of vacationing can be more convenient than group arrangements in hotels.

2. Privacy and security

Holiday homes are usually separated from the center of the village, which means you can expect the highest level of privacy and peace, or separation from the main roads, neighbors or other guests. Booking a vacation home also means you don’t have to share facilities with anyone.

Children can enjoy themselves by the pool for hours. Surrounded by their family and friends they can be themselves and have carefree fun.

3. Freedom

By spending your summer in a private holiday home you are completely free to organize it in a way that suits you. Late night swimming in your pool, organizing games like water polo without worrying about space… The possibilities are wide and depend on your wishes only.

All the facilities are at your fingertips, and it's up to you whether you want to use them or simply enjoy in a complete peace!

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